🚀What is Biqutex?

Biqutex is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange focused on perpetual futures for start-up projects with small market capitalization.

We evaluate ourselves sensibly and realize that there is no point in competing with the market tops on . That is why we have chosen the niche of projects, in which we want to become a leader. However, we decided to leave the possibility for our clients to trade top instruments directly with us so that we do not limit them. For tier 1 instruments we use liquidity with one of the largest exchange Bybit and therefore there is no difference for traders even for trading BTC, ETH, SOL contracts on Biqutex or top tier exchange. We will not put markups or additional margin on top of their fees and will simply charge the same commissions for trading these contracts as on Bybit: more details about fees

And another thing that we can offer to traders and that the market tops (Binance/Bybit/OKX) still DON'T HAVE is full security of your assets through a licensed Cobo® custodian. Сobo® is SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2-certified and holds licenses in 5 jurisdictions:

Basic principles

  • ⚡️ Democratizing the perp markets

Biqutex wants to be the “entry ticket exchange” for start-ups and we want to earn a reputation as a reliable partner for projects while keeping the interests and security of retail traders in mind. This is the main objective of any exchange as we see it.

  • 🔒 Transparency and Security

All assets are held segregated in an institutional Cobo® custody. Mandatory KYC for all trading parties. Transparent monthly audited reserve reports. No wash trading. The mechanics of all internal algorithms of the Biqutex exchange are openly declared and described in the documentation up to the exact formulas.

Why is KYC important?
  1. Security and compliance: Biqutex strives to provide a secure and compliant trading environment in accordance with regulatory requirements.

  2. Prevent illegal activities: Prevent illegal activities and detect suspicious behavior as early as possible. Mandatory KYC makes it easier to investigate fraud attempts by issuers and project teams with low market cap token listings, such as malicious price manipulation. This greatly reduces the risks to you as a trader.

  3. Access exclusive offers: Gain access to exclusive promotions and events. Since we can be sure that all our users are real people and not bots, it increases the possibility of various community initiatives by projects such as airdrops and launchpads. In most on-chain drops (due to lack of user verification), unfortunately, there is a huge part of drophunters who can receive up to 70-80% of the initiatives instead of real community members.

  4. Provide convenience and security: In the case of lost credentials to access the platform, a KYC-verified account provides a simpler process to help you to recover your account.

  • 🔍 High standards of due diligence and compliance

We conduct rigorous due diligence of the token and the team behind it as part of the listing procedure. Fair markets and the safety of traders on Biqutex is our principle. No wash trading. No rug pulls. No scam projects.

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