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For many cryptoprojects that have their own token, listing on exchanges is one of the key goals. There are no problems directly with token listing on spot DEX, but launching leveraged derivatives instruments such as perpetual futures requires agreements with a rather limited range of large platforms. There are also many spot CEXs on the market, as the technical implementation of such exchanges is not complicated + there are a large number of open source implementations.

However, things are different on the derivatives market - there is no code or even an approximate description of how such exchanges work in open sources. So the cost and time of development grows by multiples. Therefore, derivative exchanges are 5-10 times less than spot exchanges. According to CoinGecko data for May 15, 2024 there are 998 spot exchanges (216 CEX + 782 DEX) and 91 derivative exchanges (CEX and DEX together) And even so, with a closer analysis it turns out that 50% of CEX, which offer trading in perps - is just whitelabel solutions from market leaders (mainly Bybit, Binance, OKX).

They fully use the infrastructure and liquidity from the parent exchange, the only difference is a slightly repainted design and logo. That is, they are just brokers who cannot make changes to the mechanics of index calculation, API, fundings. They work with the tools that the exchange gives them (presumably, we haven't checked, but it's probably true). Therefore, in our opinion, the perp market is highly monopolized and many promising young projects do not have the opportunity to list on them. Since the cost of listing varies from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions....

Opportunities for projects

  • Increase the trading volume of your token through leverage. The maximum leverage varies from 1.5x to 10x depending on the risk parameters of a particular market.

  • For only $990 per month this is the minimum monthly fee, and it is reduced by the amount of net margin that Biqutex received from trading commissions. That is, if the amount of trading fees from your instrument exceeds $990, the entire subscription amount is deducted and you don't have to pay extra.

  • More income from prop trading for your MM due to increased rebates.

  • Trading competitions: You can allocate a certain amount of your tokens for a trading tournament on Biqutex. The prize is awarded to the traders who trade the highest volume within a given period of time. Such initiatives also help to increase trading turnover.

  • Pre-launch listings of perps. An option to launch futures on tokens that have not yet entered the spot market is available on Biqutex. However, this type of cooperation is not available for all projects and is discussed separately in terms of risk management. For this purpose, an insurance fund must be contributed. Leverage will be significantly limited

Why we are doing this?

It would seem that the amount of $990 per month for a subscription is not much compared to the investment we have made in the exchange and the time we have spent on development.

But our goal is to make it more affordable for new crypto projects to launch derivatives products (perps futures), which will allow them to increase trading volumes and token liquidity. This in turn leads to a stronger market and brings projects closer to the goal of listing on tier 1 CEX.

How to sumbit a listing?

Write an email to: [email protected]

We conduct rigorous due diligence of the token and the team behind it as part of the listing procedure. Fair markets and the safety of traders on Biqutex is our principle. No wash trading. No rug pulls. No scam projects.

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