🫂Referral Program

The referral program is created for enterprising users who want to be rewarded for friends they have invited. For each invited user the exchange pays a reward in the amount of 30% of the funds spent on the commission of the referral.

Referral Account

To see your referral link and statistics of referrals you need to:

  1. Authorize

  2. Go to the “Referral Account” section

On the page you will be able to copy your referral link and the link in the form of QR code.

Also on the page you can see brief and complete analytics on your referrals: the number of referrals, their total turnover, your earnings and available balance for withdrawal of rewards.


Below on the page there are full statistics on each of your referrals' transactions. You can see the hidden name of the referral, what instrument he trades, trade turnover, trade date, his profit and your earnings from each of his trades.

Partners and Influencers

Let us know if you are an Influencer. We will offer the best conditions among other exchanges and provide gifts for your subscribers.

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