About us

Overview and Goals

Biqutex is an innovative crypto derivatives exchange. Unlike other competitors, our strategy is to provide in a single interface the possibility to trade the whole range of financial instruments. Modern trading strategies, especially those managed by algorithms, require the trader to combine different kinds of futures and options to achieve a desired risk profile or yield structure. Also, in today's crypto market, there is a need to trade more complex instruments - index futures and options options, which are based on synthetic indicators of the whole market or a segment of it.

Basic principles

Full transparency: the mechanics of all internal algorithms of the Biqutex exchange are openly declared and described in the documentation up to the exact formulas
Advanced technologies: implementation of the most innovative trading tools, ahead of the competition
Security: We pay great attention to the safety of traders' deposits. All funds are kept in cold multi-sig wallets.
Wide range of instruments: We do not limit the trader in his strategies by introducing not only new instruments (new coins or tokens), but at once building the entire range of related contracts, so that from the first day or week it is possible to manage his position and build any available trading strategy. In terms of the class of instruments available for trading:
  • Futures: 1W, 2W, 3W, 1M, 3M and 6M
  • Perpetual futures
  • Options (European-type, settlement) for periods linked to futures: 1D, 3D, 1W, 2W, 3W, 1M, 3M, 6M, 12M.
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • NFT Floor Price Perpetuals: futures on popular NFT collections
  • Index Futures. For example: composite indices, indices by industry, indices on portfolios of well-known crypto funds, etc.

Key benefits

Trading and settlements in USD
All instruments are quoted in solid US dollars with rounding to a whole part, which psychologically makes it easier to operate with prices and plan trades. We accept most of popular stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, TUSD etc.) as deposits. In total we support 15+ different coins and 11 сhains. When you fund your account, any of the stablecoins are converted to USD for easy, risk-free trading. You can withdraw dollars from your trading account to your primary wallet in any supported stablecoin at any time.
Transparent and fair liquidation mechanism
We oppose the unfair practice of completely liquidating traders' positions and transferring the remaining balance to the exchange's insurance fund. Biqutex offers the most transparent and fair algorithm for liquidating loss-making positions. If there is a lack of maintenance margin, the system partially realizes the position, reducing the margin requirements to acceptable ones. Thus, your position remains open without being subject to complete liquidation by the exchange. If total liquidation is unavoidable and we manage to realize your position above the bankruptcy price, Biqutex does not move the entire balance to an insurance fund. We charge a liquidation fee to replenish the insurance fund, and we return the balance to you.
Reliable binding of Perpetual Futures to spot prices
Funding between long and short position holders is performed every minute, ensuring that any attempts to manipulate the price of Perpetual Futures on our exchange are mitigated.
Low commissions and rebates for market makers
We offer flexible commissions based on your trading volume. Instead of charging a commission per transaction for makers, as at most other exchanges, Biqutex offers a rebate of 0.02%.

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