What is Early Birds Program?
Our goal is to create the most user-friendly and functional product for traders who are just as passionate about the crypto market as we are. There are already a lot of crypto exchanges, including large ones. But do they really feel the needs of their traders? Biqutex strives for a constant dialogue with users and that's why when we say that your opinion is important for us, these are not empty words. To make you feel that you are one of us, we launched Early Birds - a unique community platform for voting, making and discussing proposals for improving our trading platform. As well as for direct CustDev researches and a dialogue with the users of our product.
Biqutex, as part of the Early Birds program, aims to form an expert community, which together will allow us to create a platform supporting the widest range of innovative instruments and functions for professionals which are not available at other exchanges. Meeting all the necessary criteria for comfortable and fair trading. To this end, we have decided that all internal algorithms and mechanics of exchange operation will be publicly available, right down to the trading engine. And decisions on their development and implementation, as well as the introduction of all changes will be made with the direct participation of trading participants - traders, by voting.
For early users, we have implemented a unique privileges program, which can be obtained by taking part in various activities.

Who can participate in the program and get Early Bird status?

  • Private Traders/Investors
  • Analysts
  • Influencers, bloggers and other content creators
  • Representatives of institutional market participants and potential partners
  • Developers
  • Crypto enthusiasts
When you register in the program you get an initial Starter Pack, which includes 1 Level + access to the first 3 contests. Take an express test by filling in brief information about yourself and your experience. We are looking for Early Birds who have high integrity, a deep understanding of trading, crypto derivatives and those who are willing to dedicate their time to provide value in developing and growing the Biqutex exchange. If this speaks to you, then we’d happy to accept you into the family of Early Birds!
After submitting the request, a member of the Biqutex team will accept you to Early Birds if your skill set aligns with the needs of the program.

Early Birds will have access to:

  • Participate in voting for the most useful features, instruments, as well as the exchange interface, etc.
  • Submit your proposals and ideas to a general vote
  • Discussion of proposals made by other participants and the development team
  • Closed exchange testing
  • System of levels and bonuses

What bonuses and benefits do members receive?

Your personal level depends on your contribution to the community and project development. Experience Points (XP) are added to your account for every action or job you perform.
The more Experience Points, the higher the level! Levels give you access to personal privileges and bonuses on the Biqutex exchange.
For those who is already a trader on other exchanges, we offer the opportunity to get a level immediately, corresponding to your average monthly trading turnover on any other exchange. To do this you need to email us at [email protected]​
Registration for Early Birds is now open:​